Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday is Farmer's Market Day!

I tend to go a little crazy at the farmer's market.  It's no good telling myself that if I buy less veggies this week, I'll be able to stock up more next time.  No, I see the squash vines, heritage carrots, or red kuri squash and the next thing I know, I'm lugging 25 lb.s of produce home.  Thankfully, it's a short walk.

But of course putting away the veggies and reorganizing the produce drawer is half the fun.  Pulling out the remnants of the last market haul and figuring out what to do with them is usually good for at least a little kitchen inspiration, even if I do sneak a few new treats into the concoction.  Last night I made stewed Japanese sweet potoato, yam, and kuri squash in a sweet white miso sauce and dusted with white pepper and cumin, topped with a perfectly poached fresh farm egg.  Served with lemongrass and ginger brown rice croquettes (which used up the last of the red carrots) and a fragrant cup of oolong tea,  I was reminded once again that Autumn is the most delicious season!

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